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Wait what? Jeb Bush — gun rights are not necessarily a national issue dictated solely by the Second Amendment

Jeb Bush was the second guest on the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. The former Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate had at least one question asked of him that didn’t make the shows final cut, but was uploaded to the show’s Youtube account today.

Colbert asked Bush about his stance on gun control.

Bush touted Florida’s 72-hour waiting period for non-concealed carry permit holders to purchase a firearm as well as universal background checks. Bush also said he supports expanding background checks to include mental health history.

Colbert then pushed Bush and asked what he would do if national gun groups such as the NRA opposed Bush’s strategy for gun control. Bush responded by saying that the issue should be a state by state issue. Bush pointed out that New York City, Vermont, and rural Florida are all very different places and handle gun rights differently.

Colbert pointed out the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms at a national level, so shouldn’t policies regarding this right also be national. Bush said that gun rights were not necessarily a national issue dictated solely by the Second Amendment.

Bush pointed out that the Tenth Amendment allows states to make their laws.


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