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WANTED! Authorities Looking For Ahmad Khan Rahami In Connection With Chelsea Bombing!

Just a little hint to those out there who are scratching their heads, the FBI doesn’t release a photo unless he is responsible. Since these savages don’t care about us. wouldn’t it be acceptable for the families affected by him, to beat him to death in the center of time square. If my tone seems harsh, it’s because I am sick of this and our ineffective so-called elected leaders to do something about it.

Ahmad Khan Rahami is being specifically sought out by law enforcement due to the Chelsea explosion. His whereabouts are unknown at the time and there is a full court press to find him now.

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Hey Obama, I know you are on your way out but you don’t see a pattern dude? It’s going to happen more and more until you address the problem, and not make excuses for it.

Islam has been at war with non-Muslims since its inception, the whole goal of the Quran is to fight in the cause of Allah and make Islam the dominate ruling system in every country. Islam has already declared war on all non-Muslims lands, so why are we allowing more of them in here?

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