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War Memoirs…Late Night with Hutch Bailie Jr.

iraq  With so many felonies and myriad other traitorous acts being perpetrated by this Marxist administration and their propaganda wings at the criminal networks, I am just now coming to grips with my inner fury.

Barack Obama, and every single person and organization that supports him, gave Iraq back to the enemy.

I think back to 2004 and all of the excruciating feelings I had in my gut as an Army Reserve Officer who was due to do my duty for the country overseas. I think back as a patriot watching the casualties mount, the POW’s televised, the Leftist politicians and pundits accusing our troops of war crimes and the hopelessness I felt as civilian contractors were savagely killed, dragged from their vehicles, burned and hung from bridges in Fallujah for all of the world to see.

I think back to a round table attended by President Bush and retired General John Keane and several other “experts”. GEN Keane expressed my feelings to the tee and the surge was born. Everyone else basically advised POTUS to cut and run. It was a tough time with no certain expectation of victory, but the President did not cower nor capitulate to massive public and political pressure even from his own wavering political party to cut and run as it was called at the time.

tank_iraq_surgeI got the call and responded as part of the logistical arm of the surge shortly after that and we prevailed. Not enough time has gone by for me to give you specifics, but I can say I had the honor of watching a losing proposition, that is American and allied bodybags piling up transition into those of the enemy increasing and ours leveling out to almost none. I say this as an analyst who was there and I was relatively safe the entire time other than rockets and mortars with little statistical chance of finding me. Not true for those I supported. God Bless them all and to some God rest your souls. I know that sounds jumbled, but so were the times.

Now the ugly part of this article. Referring back to the first paragraph. How can you people sleep? How can you look at an American flag, how can you go to church ? You people re-elected a man who gave it away. There are truck drivers right now, military and civilian that are physically and mentally scarred like nothing you can imagine. You gave it back to these savages. For what ? Welfare benefits for the parasites ? Why did you do this. Notice no question mark because I don’t want to hear your answer.

I’m thinking we need to institute a draft, both genders equally. Maybe if America has some skin in the game and not just the .05% we could get someone to give a damn about the human casualties our Marxist government wants us to just forget about. We won the Iraq war and our politicians gave it back to the Islamists.

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About Hutch BailieJr

Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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