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WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE – US Airways Twitter Response to Customer Complaint Lives On

Doh!  Delete, delete, delete, delete…Unfortunately for US Airways, deleted tweets live on.

Each of us at one time or another has said something we wish we could take back.  Those unscripted and unfiltered moments we often wish we could erase, causing pain to another, resulting in regret and in some cases the loss of a truly valued relationship, (singular).

With the age of social media, those verbal or typed missteps not only cannot be taken back, they often go viral and result in much more damage.  Just ask Anthony Wiener, and now, US Airways.

What began 14 hours ago as a complaint about Flight 1787 tweeted out by @ElleRafter has turned into a public relations nightmare for US Airways.

@ElleRafter upset about a flight delay and the overall condition of the plane, wondered aloud on Twitter if her experience is the sort of service to be expected now that US Airways has merged with American Airlines.



In a clearly unscripted moment @USAirways responds to the complaint via Twitter, and well you must see it to believe it.  WARNING GRAPHIC:

US Airways Response to Customer Complaint via Twitter
US Airways Response to Customer Complaint via Twitter


US Airways has since taken down the tweet and apologized,but they are quickly learning that social media and screenshots are forever.

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