Was That Supposed To Be A Compliment?

Caution: barf bags may be required.

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Lena Dunham recently became the latest lefty darling found demonstrating that left-wing philosophy is only meant to apply to others. She’s in the process of kicking off her book tour, where she’s planning on spreading the word about failing your way into being a role model (I’m paraphrasing). The title of her book is Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”. Reminds me of a joke we have in the Navy. Among the things you never want to hear is a JO (junior officer) saying, “Well in my experience…”

To promote her book she appeared on Good Morning America. During her interview, in reference to a previous appearance where she called him handsome, she said that George Stephanopoulos is, “something of a sexual icon.”

Now, okay. Whatever. I’m not a good judge of male attractiveness. Everything about the man aside, he doesn’t strike me as an ugly man. If he’s considered to be good looking to women, good for him. That isn’t the issue. In fact, I’m wondering just how Mr. Stephanopoulos should take that considering the source.

You might remember earlier this year that Ms. Dunham expressed her disappointment in finally concluding she was heterosexual. I really, really wanted to be a lesbian. Alas, it was not to be. So if a woman who so badly wanted to be attracted to women but couldn’t calls a man a sexual icon, should he really consider it a compliment?

Now to bring this to a close, I’m starting a personal rule. Every reference to Lena Dunham will include her 2012 Obama campaign ad. Hindsight now of her Iraq comment is priceless. However, I highly recommend you don’t have a loaded firearm within arm’s reach at the 58 second mark. You might be tempted to shuffle off this mortal coil. I swear that little silent giggle causes my fists to involuntarily clench every time.

To wash that out of your brain, please enjoy Greg Gutfeld’s flawless victory over that ad, even if pointing out the double edged sword of comparing a vote for Obama to losing your virginity for a woman is low hanging fruit. It’s deserved for using an insultingly immature approach to push for something with so many repercussions.

And now we’ve learned that it’s coming from someone claiming in their new book that sex was not pleasurable for them until their mid-twenties. You really couldn’t make this up no matter how hard you tried.

Look, I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my apology for putting you through this.

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