Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso: Obama using “Crocodile Tears” to garner Sympathy on Sequester

I know I sound like a broken record but I have been on this all weekend long. Obama owns this sequester and he’s playing the scare tactic card to his base to drum up anger towards the Republicans in Congress who aren’t really moving to a solution to fix the sequester right now. House Republicans sent up two bills after the “super-committee” failed and Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid floored them both times while Barack ObeyMe stated if they reached his desk he would veto them.

Now Obama is using “crocodile tears.”


Washington Examiner David Freddoso joined Fox and Friends this morning and did a real good job summing up the real truth versus what the mainstream media is putting out there right now.

“His department’s budget goes up this year from the last year,” Freddoso said. “This is a classic case of an administration employing the ‘Washington Monument Strategy,’ which is where you shut down whatever is going to cause the most pain so that you can teach people a lesson about not – never cut spending again.”

“That’s what’s going on here, and if the media buys into it, we’re all – you know, if the media gets bamboozled, we all lose,” Freddoso said.

Freddoso added that sequestration does not even amount to actual cuts, but only decreases in projected rates of growth.

“These guys are going to shed crocodile tears about how horrible the world is going to be if these cuts go into effect, and later this year they’re all going to end up at warm weather locations going to some unnecessary conference,” Freddoso said.

I wish that everyone on our side would join together and push back against this sequestration lie and tell the truth with one voice….Obama is trying to create a “Wag the Dog” moment and we aren’t going for it. Let the sequester come!


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