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Wasserman-Schultz Survives Democratic Primary Challenge—Are Voters That Naive?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have resigned from Congress. She has disgraced herself, her Party and the State of Florida for long enough. She won’t because the leaders of the Democratic Party are Lying lowlife scum the same as she is. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should have been gone after their first term but continue after 40 years to pollute the world.

Funny how Democrats don’t have a problem voting corrupt politicians (as long as they’re Democrat) even when they make racist comments like referring to Hispanics as (taco bowl voters) but only if they’re Democrat.

I don’t want it to be wishful thinking. I want to believe that ignorance has an expiration date, but I fear that these kinds of people are content in their naiveness, and with the way things are; that is why they continue to put the Democrats in power who have done nothing but destroyed their lives with their hazardous policies, and still, they foolishly give their vote and loyalty. Is this some new form of insanity?

Should not shock me but it does. Sheep will follow anyone regardless of his dirty or corrupt they are. I’m not a Sanders fan because I don’t agree with his policy’s. With that said the way the DNC treated him was crazy and she was the main leader behind it, which resulted in her having to step down. Why anyone would keep voting for someone that told media what to say, insulted voters of her party and showed bias in a position where she should be neutral is mind blowing.

This is more proof that Democrats are idiots. I honestly believe they would elect a monkey if it were on the ballot. This woman is a proven cheat and liar.

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