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Watch ABC Jon Karl Slam Josh Earnest about Obama Transparency

ABC News Jon Karl gets a complete runaround from Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest on a whole series of questions about the explosive scandal now rocking the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Karl wanted to know if Clinton’s actions violate an agreement she made with Barack Obama to disclose all Foreign Donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees to Bill Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

It’s clear now they did not disclose donations made in connection with Hillary’s approval of a Russian deal to takeover a Canadian Mining Company that controls at least 25% of U.S. Uranium Production. Earnest just kept referring to the Clinton Campaign and the State Department. He would not answer a single question.

Watch the video:

H/T via Washington Free Beacon


Jon Karl is one of the best reporters the people have in holding the administration accountable. What did you think of this exchange? Share your comments below.

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