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Watch Ben Carson SLAM liberals on causing “flames of controversy” in Charleston S.C. massace

Dr. Ben Carson, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate, usually soft-spoken when speaking on talk shows and interviews totally went after Democrat politicians for twisting Wednesday night’s massacre in a Charleston S.C., for their own political gain.

Carson appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” Sunday and said left-wing politicians cannot allow a tragedy to pass without making “political hay” out of it.

“If we continue to allow the purveyors of division and hatred to stoke the flames of controversy, we’re going to continue to have hatred manifested in these kinds of horrible ways,” he said.

“And we must, as a nation, begin to teach, particularly our young people, what is very important. And that is that everybody is equal, everybody is protected. And let’s look more deeply than just superficial coloring of skin.”

He said that progress in racial harmony has been ignored in favor of politicians who play racial politics.

“We’ve made tremendous progress over the decades in racial harmony,” he said. “Now, we’re in the process of letting all that go to waste because we’re listening to people who try to gain political advantage. We have to be smarter than this.”

What do you think about Dr. Carson? He stepped up and called out the troublemakers. Was that presidential? Add your comments below.

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