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Watch Carly Fiorina’s EPIC performance during the NH Voter’s First forum and learn why she won new supporters

If you were not sold on Carly Fiorina before, her performance last night at the New Hampshire Voter’s First Forum really hit the mark. She needs to be on the Fox News GOP 1st debate stage and someone needs to wake them up to let them know.

In addition to talking up her business experience, Fiorina said that she is uniquely qualified to serve as president because she has known and worked with world leaders for many years. She said on her first day in office she would make two phone calls. The first would be to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to let him know he has a friend in the Oval Office.

The second would be to the supreme leader of Iran to tell him she would implement severe economic sanctions against the country unless they agreed to unrestricted inspections of their nuclear facilities.

“He might not take the phone call, but he would get the message,” Fiorina said.

Fiorina said that leaders who “challenge the status quo” often make enemies, but that challenging the status quo is the “highest calling” of leadership.

Check out Carly in action:

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