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Watch the Film that Exposes Why Detroit Went Bankrupt

On Thursday night at LivingSocial’s 918F Street space in Washington, DC, a select audience watched the premier of BANKRUPT: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down DetroitThe film, the brainchild of political videographer and blogger Ben Howe, addresses the question:

Why is General Motors walking away with billions while Detroit dies?

How did so much money change hands between the world’s most powerful corporate leaders and government officials while delivering on so little of the promise sold to America by central planners? Bankrupt: How Cronyism & Corruption Took Down Detroit answers this question, and many others.


Mister Smith Media and FTR Media produced the film which includes frank interviews with experts, journalists and city officials as well as man-on-the-street interviews with average citizens of Detroit. The story is told against a back drop of urban decay that is becoming all too familiar in America’s cities but most especially in the once great Motor City.  The film gets added dimension from the score created by Emmy Award winning composer, Boris Zelkin.

The Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey posted an in-depth interview with filmmaker Ben Howe for The Foundry on the day of the premier. Howe, along with Director of Photography Michael Deppisch and Production Manager Sarah Smith took questions from the audience after the screening. Co-producer Thomas LaDuke of FTR Media was unfortunately unable to attend.

For a limited time, you can watch the complete film free of charge via YouTube. Don’t miss it.

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Jim Jamitis is a blogger and creative consultant who works primarily for conservative clients and causes doing graphic design, web design, web and social media strategy, and video production.

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