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Watch GOP Candidate John Kasich SLAM Wolf Blitzer on Trump attack

Good for John Kasich. He is a man of real integrity. He shamed Wolf Blitzer here for trying to bring up the ridiculous Daily Beast hit piece on Donald Trump where they dug up a claim from Trump’s divorce proceeding in 1989 where his ex-wife claimed he assaulted her during sex. She denied that allegation almost immediately, and today Ivana Trump endorsed him for President, saying that entire claim was untrue.

“…that’s just the nature of the beast right,” said Blitzer

“Maybe the nature of the beast ought to change a little bit,” said Kasich

The liberal media must be getting worried about Trump to be so desperate as to dredge up something like this from a divorce proceeding. This won’t hurt Trump one bit, and Kasich showed himself to be a fine man with this response.

What do you make of Kasich standing up to Blitzer during this piece? Leave your comments below and share this on your twitter/facebook timeline.


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