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Watch Maher Defend Trump Against Obama’s Targeted Rhetoric

Maher also lashed out liberals over not calling to protect homosexual Muslims across the world being killed… Click to Tweet
I think it’s pretty stupid to vote for Democrats who, rather than protecting individual rights, openly want to violate individual rights. The whole job of the government is the former, and so you’re electing people who want to do the exact opposite of what the actual role of government is.

Rather than a government that protects rights (as a policeman), you elect Democrats who create a government that violates rights (like a criminal itself). Yes, the Republicans are bad too, but the Democrats take rights-violating to the n’th degree, and their ideal political system (socialism) is one of the most massively rights-violating system ever devised (even worse than Sharia).

I was watching this clip of Bill Maher agree with Donald Trump about how Barack Obama seemed angrier at Trump than the Orlando shooter. Maher also lashed out liberals over not calling to protect homosexual Muslims across the world being killed for their sexual preferences.

Watch the clip below:

Some people firmly believe if the terrorists did not have the support of many millions of other Muslims, they could not thrive among them. Elections in places like Egypt show that 2/3 to 2/4 of the people believe in following Islamic law to the letter. That means killing gays, infidels adulterers, etc.

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