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WATCH: Tens of Thousands Rally in Germany Against Islamization


Videos of the marches in Germany this year.


A German political group known as PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, have been holding rallies for several months in the German cities Dresden & Leipzig. Since the Charlie Hebdo massacre by terrorists, the group has grown. On January 12th, 25,000 showed up to march in Dresden.

PEGIDA was founded last year by an average German named Lutz Bachmann. He started a group on Facebook, and many of his friends joined. The group has since grown into a national movement. Tens of thousands regularly attend their protest marches.

The group’s 19 point position statement lists opposition to Sharia courts, Sharia police, seeks to protect Germany’s Judeo-Christian culture, and seeks to restrict immigration to Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on fellow Germans to reject the group as extremist. Merkel’s call for Germans to shun the group only garnered it more attention, and more Germans join the marches every week. As the movement grows in popularity, copycat groups are springing up all over Europe in what looks like what may be a a full on rebellion against leftist multiculturalism and mass immigration. I say good on them. It’s about time we here in America had the same type of movement. Anyone want to start a Facebook page?

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