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Watch Trump OWN Jake Tapper who brings up white supremacist support during interview!

You know it’s funny, I never heard CNN host Jake Tapper ask Barack Obama how he feels that the new Black Panther party along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and black lives matter support him when they have racist anti-American views.

If you have ever been on the social medium called Twitter, unless you have enough time in the day to do an extensive background search on some of the entries that you like, sometimes you accidentally re-tweet people who not in your best interest.

When you find that out, most people delete, so that corrects that problem.

Trump dismissed his retweets of white supremacists and made it clear he knows nothing about the white supremacist groups supporting him.

Tapper also stated that Republican leaders don’t think Trump can win minorities because of these tweets, but these Republican leaders have been wrong about Trump for the last seven months because they don’t understand him.

In all actuality, I don’t even think they want to know him, I believe they want Trump to conform to the GOP party and its rules, and he won’t do that.

Watch this interview below:

I won’t say that the question was out of bounds because as a presidential candidate you have to answer tough questions, but I will honestly say there needs to be a filter on some of the things the GOP front-runner retweets in the future to avoid this nonsense questioning.

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h/t – CNN

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