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Watching the Terminator Movie Series on The Screen Is One Thing; What They Are Building Here Should Frighten Anyone!

There’s something unsettling about seeing something move and run like a human but isn’t human.

However, this nightmare what is being developed by Google’s Boston Dynamics robotics company.

Here is what Boston Dynamics Founder Marc Raibert said about the technology:

‘We’ve been working on humanoid robots, derived from these models. It has been studying the way humans and animals move in a bid to replicate, and even improve on it.

‘Our focus is on balance and dynamics, working in the way animals and people do, moving quickly to avoid falling.’

‘We’re interested in getting this robot out in the world, its a totally different, you can’t predict what its going to be like.

‘All kinds of stuff happens, and we’re making pretty good progress in making it’s movement sort of within shooting range of yours, and if we keep pushing we’ll get there.’

Skynet. Just saying

H/T – Michael Campbell


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