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We Did What ?



Yesterday marked a low point in American history and another benchmark on the Leftist Democrat march towards global mediocrity. To those of us who have been paying attention to the Jarrett crime family since well before Obama’s election it’s just another milestone. He claimed we were only days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America shortly before his initial inauguration and he damn well meant it. Communist aspirations of his extended family of Leftists have been brilliantly successful as hordes of half stupid half intoxicated young mostly white idiots follow like sheep. Self-proclaimed intellectuals from our rotten institutions of higher indoctrination faithfully mold these iphone addicted “special” leaders of the future into gender neutral, skinny jeans wearing star gazers. All the while we stumble down the road of evil as Glee and Dancing With the Stars is trending on Twitter.

Kids, step back and understand where we are going. If you were never taught that America was exceptional or were taught that we are not, you were lied to. You hold the key to our future, but I will not sit by and let you give away my Liberty because you are educationally deprived. Do you even know what exceptionalism in its founding fathers context means ? It doesn’t mean we are better, smarter, faster or stronger than anyone else. It starts with the root word Except. Throughout world history man has been ruled by despots and tyrants. Any rights they had were through blood or favor bestowed by their various royalty or elite rulers. Our founding fathers ran from that and declared that basic unalienable rights are bestowed upon us by our creator. The government was formed to serve the people, everywhere else it is the other way around. American Exceptionalism is 330 million sovereign citizens making up our nation. The only problem is Leftist Democrats and country club Republicans that have been eroding our liberty a little at a time for years.

Vladimir Putin wrote in an Op Ed in the New York Times of the dangers of American Exceptionalism and our esteemed president certainly agrees. Most in the media and entertainment industry agree. We are exceptional, but are heading down an evil road that will surely cost us something in the end. The Democrat party is demonstrably anti-Christian. They have been proving it over and over. For clarity’s sake I’ll start at the DNC Convention, you remember that “No” vote 3 times for God to be included in the platform. You remember all the Coptic Christians being burned out along with their churches by Democrat ally Morsi in Egypt. Now my friends we are taking it to a new direct evil level in Syria. The CIA has commenced delivery of weapons and various other military hardware and equipment to “The Rebels”. You know and I know where they will end up. They will end up with a network of international Sunni savages. Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in Iraq, Chechen Muslim animals. This is what the money deducted from your paycheck every month will go towards. This is outrageous and directly attributable to Democrat voters who can’t find the time or energy to realize what they are doing to us and the media that should be held criminally accountable.  I would ask you, as CNN”s Christiane Amanpour becomes The Al Nusra Front’s latest ally, pay attention and record who stands for this treasonous backing of savages. We must make them pay in the end.  A sad day in American history.

About Hutch BailieJr

Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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