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Welcome to the Racial Reservation…Peace Pipe?

During the 2011 Texas Legislative session I had the honor of being the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas’ redistricting committee. It was simply a political party committee with no real power other than informing the GOP grassroots of the progress being made by their legislators in regards to new political voting maps. It has been said that elections are where voters get to pick their politicians and redistricting is where politicians get to pick their voters.

This committee assignment did give me the opportunity to have discussions about the technical details of redistricting that the general public doesn’t usually have to suffer through. However, if more people heard these discussions perhaps redistricting wouldn’t be the galactic mess it is today. It was during these conversations that I began to grow concerned that America is heading for point that they can’t come back from, nor will they see how far they have fallen. When lawyers began to break down the legalese of how the Obama (Social) “Justice” Department interprets the Voting Rights Act I was stunned! At one point I prognosticated that by the next decennial census & redistricting Americans would no longer be living in congressional districts, but in fact, they would be living on “racial reservations”.

Case in point see the latest comments from FLOTUS Michelle Obama: “[O]ur laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods,” . Then she added this gem:

“…segregation is happening again in some parts of the country, as some people are moving away and leaving city schools. She said that is leading to segregation that is as bad as it was decades ago.”

Mark my words, within the next decade there will be serious discussions by legislators or federal bureaucrats that will begin to impose a “racial composition quotient” or some other high minded sounding title on congressional districts or states to impose racial diversity in our relocation decisions. “I’m sorry Mr. Doe, it appears we have met our allotment of white people in this district. We would be glad to put you on a waiting list! By the way, what is your political ideology…?” No serious study of the evolution of redistricting would lead anyone with common sense to much of a different conclusion.

About Jason Moore

Jason Moore (aka Captain Watchdog) is a Husband, father of 5 kids and a small business owner. He doesn't ask taxpayers to fund ANY of his business ventures. He is the host of Watchdog Radio which can be heard 5-7 PM on AM1070/FM107.1 in the Midland/Odessa Texas market or live streamed on the internet at He often reminds his kids "you can't save a nation if you can't clean your room"!

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