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WELL DESERVED! Gen Michael Flynn Offered Role As National Security Advisor

President-Elect Donald Trump just hit a huge homerun with the movement by offering Lt General Michael Flynn the National Security Advisor cabinet position.

Flynn has the knowledge/professional leadership that we need. I thought he could be the Secretary of Defense. I want to see respected military officers/Senior NonComms in all National Security posts. CIA, DOD, DHS, DIA, FBI, and any other agencies and departments I may have forgotten or don’t know about.

I mean who is more qualified in regards to National Security, then someone who has spent their entire adult lives defending the country.

I can get on board with this pick!


From Associated Press:

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be his national security adviser built a reputation in the Army as an astute intelligence professional and a straight talker.

What set retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn apart after he shed his uniform in 2014 was the blistering public criticism he quickly leveled at the White House and Pentagon.

He took issue with a wide range of national security policies, including the administration’s approach to fighting the Islamic State and, more generally, its handling of global affairs.

In recent public comments, including his fiery address at the Republican National Convention, Flynn has emphasized his view that the threat posed by the Islamic State group requires a more aggressive U.S. military, as well as his belief that Washington should work more closely with Moscow.

He is certainly 1,000 percent more qualified and more respected than the idiot who currently holds that title which is a disgusting equal opportunity experiment who is not even qualified for the job and is a complete racist and feminist because she thinks that there are too many white males in the intelligence community.

Of course, I’m referring to the incompetent slob herself, Susan Rice.

Again what a great pick. Can you tell Pence is running this show like Trump wanted him to, I know I can.

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