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Well the results are in for Iowa, NH, and SC and the winner is? Check out these predictions!

I don’t use Microsoft’s BING service because I am sucked into GOOGLE but when this ran across my feed, I was very curious as to what this was about.

If you have never checked out BING’s Political Index, you are missing out!  It’s very informative and has a lot of data for specific issues that weigh heavy on the hearts of Americans. Now the following results are not set in stone and nobody has a crystal ball to see into the future, but matching this to the final results could be very telling. If I were you, I would keep track just to see what transpires.

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Remember these are only predictions from a machine that is supposed to be one of the smartest on the planet created by Microsoft. There’s a lot that can go wrong, correct?

From Bing Blogs:

Iowa (February 1)

In Iowa, we expect a close race for both parties. Our models predict a win for Donald Trump (39.8% of the votes) over Ted Cruz (30.5%) for the GOP nomination, with Marco Rubio a distant third place (12.9% of the votes). On the Democratic side, we predict a tough battle for Hillary Clinton. Our models calculate that she will beat Bernie Sanders by a small margin (50.1% of the votes for Clinton vs. 46.8% for Sanders) (Table 1).

Winning over the Iowa Caucus can give a candidate a head start in the race for the final nomination, but there’s no guarantee he or she will get their party’s nod. In 2008, Barack Obama went on from his Iowa win to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination, while Mike Huckabee, who won the Republican caucuses, withdrew from the race a couple of months later.

Hillary Clinton 50.1% Donald Trump 39.8%
Bernie Sanders 46.8% Ted Cruz 30.5%
Martin O’Malley 3.1% Marco Rubio 12.9%

Table 1 – Iowa caucuses vote prediction by Bing Predicts. Percentages show share of the votes.

New Hampshire (February 9)

Moving from the Midwest to the Northeast, the picture changes. The Bing algorithms have Donald Trump (39% of the votes) prevailing in the New Hampshire Republican primaries, ahead of Ted Cruz (13.1%), Marco Rubio (12.6%), and John Kasich (11.9%) vying closely for second place. On the Democratic side, we show Bernie Sanders winning 58.4% of the votes and beating Hillary Clinton in the state neighboring his home state of Vermont.

Bernie Sanders 58.4% Donald Trump 40.2%
Hillary Clinton 40.5% Ted Cruz 13.1%
Martin O’Malley 1.1% Marco Rubio 12.6%
John Kasich 11.9%

Table 2 – New Hampshire primaries vote prediction from Bing Predicts. Percentages show share of the votes.

South Carolina (February 20 and 27)

We predict South Carolina Republicans will have Donald Trump win by a great margin with 44.3% of the votes, followed by Ted Cruz (22.6% of the votes) and Marco Rubio (14.7%). Their Democratic counterparts will probably pick Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by a wide margin: 63.5% of the votes will go to Clinton (Table 3).

Hillary Clinton 63.5% Donald Trump 44.3%
Bernie Sanders 36.4% Ted Cruz 22.6%
Martin O’Malley 0.1% Marco Rubio 14.7%

Bottom line, it looks like a Trump sweep in the first states. The other candidates will laugh this off and not pay attention while others will run their numbers 4-5 times more to create some sort of spin. Trump has been leading the GOP polls for the last six months and he continues to look strong in all the other states with Iowa in a “too close to call” category.

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So what do you think of these results? Are you stunned? Angry, Sad? Drop us a message in our comment section and let us know what you think about these results.

h/t – Bing Blogs

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