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What A Friend! Geraldo: I Have Trump Tapes That Would Be Embarrassing

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera says he has recorded “embarrassing tapes of Donald Trump,” and has them in his possession, which is hilarious because I can think of some embarrassing tapes of Geraldo, too. Al Capone’s Vault anyone?

Geraldo is a total embarrassment to journalism. He needs a Jerry Springer type show since that’s the type of crap he reports.

From Politico:

In the aftermath of a 2005 recording of Trump making sexually aggressive and crude comments about women in a conversation with NBC’s Billy Bush, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera said that he has uncovered more “embarrassing” statements that Trump made during interviews with the show host.

“I have interviewed Donald Trump many times and been with him many times and I have tapes,” Rivera said on Fox News’ The Five Sunday.

“My brother and I have been starting to go through the tapes now and there are statements that, in the context of the current climate, would be embarrassing.”

Rivera did not say whether he plans to release those recordings, nor was he specific about what they might contain except to say that he had not heard Trump use the word “pussy” before Friday’s tape emerged.

“He’s never used the P-word in front of me, I’ll say that,” Rivera said later in the program. “But I never saw him come onto any of the beautiful women on the program.”

Thanks for keeping us posted, Gerardo. To save time, I would not worry about any tapes older than 11 years ago since we already know that Trump was a womanizer when he was 59.

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