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What are we not being told! Russian University students create these POWERFUL videos asking UN to stop Obama!

These two videos were created by groups of Russian University students who were calling on the United Nations to STOP Barack Obama. Just as the media has given credibility to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Russian media seems to be doing the same against our feckless leader, and I use the term leader very loosely.

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After watching these videos, most will tell you President Vladimir Putin put these students up to this, but even University officials said they didn’t know about it. This was a student movement. The long-term effect of this is a generation that will blame the United States for Obama’s actions and try to even the playing field by any means necessary.

From The Moscow Times:

Students at several Russian universities have released a video message in which they call on the United Nations to stop the “aggression” of U.S. President Barack Obama and demand that he be prosecuted for “the thousands of lives he has taken.”

“We urge the United Nations to take immediate action to stop the aggression of the U.S. president, and ask The Hague to investigate the actions of Barack Obama,” the students said in a video appeal to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, posted on YouTube on Thursday.

The video had gathered 35,000 views as of Friday afternoon. The video was first posted in Russian but a version with English subtitles was uploaded later.

According to the students, the U.S. foreign policy is “the main threat to human civilization.”

Watch the faces in this video and think to yourself, if they believe this and are promoting this, what does the future hold for relations between the USA and USSR?

This second video done in the Russian language also is powerful and, of course, the music helped for the effects. Don’t you want to know what exactly is going on that you are not being told.

“We sincerely do not understand why the United States, represented by its president, assumed the role of the world’s judge, why the U.S. doesn’t bear responsibility for thousands of lives taken from the citizens of Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and other countries, the sovereignty of which the U..S has repeatedly violated,” said Yekaterina Kononenko, the second-year student of Astrakhan State University who uploaded the video.

You might not understand exactly the wording, but I am sure you know sincereness while watching these videos. What are your thoughts? Do you think our government and media are hiding acts by Obama that are hurting other nations? Share your comments below and give us your opinion.

h/t – The Moscow Times

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