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What do Colorado, the District of Columbia and Iowa all have in common?

Answer: They have more registered voters than people eligible to vote.

Judicial Watch is working to change that when they put two states and Washington D.C. on notice by filing a federal lawsuit which basically says that if they don’t clean up their voter registration rolls within 90 days, they will bring a lawsuit.

In a press briefing Judicial Watch states that they sent the following to the secretaries of state in Iowa and Colorado and the Board of Elections supervisors in the District of Columbia:

We write to bring your attention to violations of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) … This letter serves as statutory notice that Judicial Watch will bring a lawsuit against your office if you do not take specific actions to correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days. In addition, by this letter we are asking you to produce certain records to us which you are required to make available under Section 8(i) of the NVRA. We hope that litigation will not be necessary to enforce either of these claims.

The briefing referenced Section 7 and 8 of the National Voter Registration Act. Section 7 (which is more commonly referred to as the “motor voter law”) requires states to make voter registration available at motor vehicle offices or similar facilities in the state. Section 8 requires that local jurisdictions have a system in place to routinely purge ineligible voters, meaning those who may have died, moved or committed a felony, etc.

A lot of people are praising Judicial Watch’s efforts as being much over due. After the 2012 election cycle, there was a lot of talk, especially among conservatives and Republicans, that voter fraud was rampant in certain parts of the country.

During the actual press briefing, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said,

Dirty voter rolls can mean dirty elections. Many states are shirking their legal responsibilities to maintain clean voter rolls. This undermines confidence in our election system. Outrageously, the Obama Justice Department simply refuses to enforce the federal law that requires states to take reasonable steps to clean voter rolls. Judicial Watch is now doing the job of the U.S. Justice Department.

The Federal statute must be enforced and cannot be ignored but it seems that political advantage drives reluctance of the Justice Department and other Federal agencies such as the IRS, which abuse the trust of the public with apparent frequency and regularity.

Corruption runs rampant and when Federal elections become suspect because of questionable voter rolls and people voting in multiple jurisdictions or not being a resident where they are voting. The electorate must trust the basic fairness of the electoral process but at this time that is clearly not the case.

Everyone should be on board with this effort to get the voter rolls cleaned up. Voting is not only a privilege of American Citizens, it is a right that must be preserved and protected. Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch should be congratulated for bringing about this pressure on the DOJ.

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