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What Does Our Flag Represent?

The American Flag is under attack! The Associated Students of University of California – Irvine (ASUCI) Legislative Council attempted to ban the American flag from its campus, claiming that it wanted to be inclusive of all nationalities and to not display something that has been a symbol of hatred, imperialism and colonialism. Let’s take a look back to see what the flag really means.

Although many believe that Betsy Ross made the first flag, historians believe that that is very unlikely. The original American flag was commissioned in 1777 with a combination of the Sons of Liberty’s flag consisting of thirteen red and white stripes and George Washington’s Revolutionary War Flag which was a blue field with thirteen stars.

So what did this flag mean to those men and women in 1777? It meant no longer having to suffer under the thumb of the King’s unilateral rules. It meant being free to practice whatever religion you wanted without the King declaring himself as the leader of it.  It meant no longer being forced to pay taxes to a government in which you had no representation. It meant Freedom!

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