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WHAT? Jorge Ramos to Bill Maher on illegal aliens “Don’t call them illegals”

I am not kidding here; the sensitive crime enabler didn’t like the way Bill Maher classified undocumented workers that stay past their visas and hide from American “policia,” so they won’t be deported.

Does he want us to use Inmigrantes INDOCUMENTADOS.

I keep hearing those who support amnesty say no human being is illegal, but not all human beings commit illegal acts that destroy a nation either.

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Jorge Ramos is an embarrassment to any and all Hispanics of good character and who are American! The only ones who love him are the ILLEGALS!!! Where did he come up with the no human is illegal crap?

“You also pointed out that most illegals come here by plane,” Maher replied, prompting Ramos to touch his arm and say, “Don’t call them ‘illegals.’”

“Sorry, transgender,” Maher said, glancing back toward his other panelists. While the audience started laughing, Ramos told him, “No human being is illegal.” He added, “Words matter. Very important.”

“I mean, some people are illegal,” the host countered. “Why is that a bad word?”

“Because I think it’s a double standard,” Ramos said. “You don’t call ‘illegals’ the companies — thousands of companies — who hire them. You don’t call ‘illegal’ the millions of people — including [the audience] and all of us — who benefit from their work.”

Watch the exchange here:

You watched Jorge’s breakdown of what happened, and I know a few people might not know what he’s talking about.

Ramos performed a kamikaze during a Donald Trump press conference and overstepped the questioning session by speaking over Trump and the rest of the reporters in the room. He didn’t wait to be called upon. Ramos was removed from the room but was allowed back to ask his question. As you just saw Ramos embellished his story for folklore sake, I guess.

Here was the original exchange between Ramos and Trump:

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