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What kind of person stages a photo of a reaction to mass murder of children? A Vain President that’s who!

NOTE: The photo was just released two months after the incident.  In keeping with making everything about himself, Obama has released a photo of himself at the very moment he found out about the Sandy Hook murders.


It’s hard to say, unless he’s trying to compete with Bush for the 9/11 shot.  One has to ask a rather calloused question.

WHY would you haul a photographer in the room for this moment? Is this group of people so selfish, so political, so narcissistic that they made sure a news photo was taken of the very moment Obama discovered that 28 people had been murdered?

And does anyone believe that this wasn’t staged? That he didn’t run out and call the photographer in after the horrific news? How do you think that even this very moment is an opportunity to gain advantage.

Note the pensive look, the closed eyes, the crossed in grief arms with a little bit o’ George in the background.  Yeah.

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