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What Obama said about Umpqua shooting was a disgrace to the Office of President

President Barack Obama comes right out and says he is “politicizing” the deaths of college students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, who died today at the hands of attacker Chris Harper Mercer. Obama, as he always does, seeks to use the murders to push his Leftist gun-grabber agenda. Never mind that only law-abiding citizens obey gun laws. Adding another restriction to the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans would do NOTHING to prevent these attacks. Having citizens armed and capable of defending themselves could prevent or at least minimize the number of deaths.

This is Obama at his worst. He couldn’t care less about the U.S. Constitution. He lectures Americans as if he is the high and mighty potentate who knows all. He is self-righteous even though he has done everything he can to destroy the moral fabric of this nation. His Foreign Policy is collapsing all around the world, and he is facing total humiliation at the hands of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. So, of course, he distracts from reality by going on one of his sanctimonious rants.

A disgrace to the Office of President

Bottom line: The 2nd Amendment will last long after the history books write the story of the failed Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

What do you think of this childish act? I have yet to find one liberal who can tell me getting rid of guns will stop people from killing.

h/t – PBS NewsHour

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