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WHAT?! Teacher who made her students write cop killer get well cards, part of radical group

Why bother with an apology if you are going to blame your actions on someone else? That is the question many are asking educator Marilyn Zuniga. Zuniga, who teaches third-grade students at Forest Street Elementary in Orange, NJ, was put on suspension for instructing her class to send get well cards to convicted cop killer Mumia Abul-Jamar. Zuniga is part of a group of educators whose website “Educators for Mumia Abul-Jamar” (EMAJ) celebrates the convicted cop killer as “the most celebrated black public intellectual of all time.”

EMAJ members list their goal as the following:

We propose that recovery of the radical and seasoned voices of U.S. political prisoners is a necessary condition for the renewal of the “liberal arts tradition,” often alleged to be a value in higher education. EMAJ holds that there can be no “liberal arts” in our educational institutions without the horizons of practice and theory set by the radical voices of U.S. political prisoners. A commitment to productive material struggle for the most repressed and excluded is the touchstone of any radically inclusive and liberating knowledge and politics. The voices of political prisoners are necessary to any curriculum aiming at truth and justice.

Zuniga held a press conference this week where she began to apologize for her actions, but then quickly put the blame on her 8 and 9 year-old students, expressing that it was their idea to send the get well cards to the ill Abul-Jamar, who suffers complications from diabetes. Zuniga’s support of Abul-Jamar is part and parcel to the progressive indoctrination happening in public schools all across the country.

Abul-Jamar did not show any regard for human life as a member of the Black Panther Party. On December 9, 1981, Abul-Jamar showed no regard for Officer Danny Faulkner when he shot the Philadelphia police officer 5 times; once in the back and the other four at close range execution style in the chest and face. Zuniga decided to use her classroom as an instrument to introduce the cop-killer to her students and obviously omitted the crime that Abul-Jamar committed. When Zuniga took to social media to brag about her accomplishment, parents became aware and outrage was voiced throughout the community.

It should be noted that at the press conference, Zuniga was surrounded by fellow members of the group “Educators for Mumia Abul-Jamar”, members of Black Panthers and other radical leftists that support socialist/communist agendas.  As Zuniga began to read her statement the crowd was recorded as shouting “you don’t have to apologize” and “let her teach.”


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