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What was the MAJOR Issue President Obama Addressed on D-day Anniversary?

During President Obama’s weekly address on Saturday, he failed to mention that it was the 71st anniversary of D-Day. All of those heroes who gave so much of themselves to ensure that we live in freedom didn’t receive even the smallest acknowledgement from our President. So what could have been so worthwhile that these brave heroes were overlooked? It had to be something pretty important, right?


Wrong. He focused his weekly address on criminals, but not just any criminals. These were his illegal immigrants, his dreamers, those he hopes to fill the ranks of our military with after getting rid of Americans. These are the ones that he and the rest of the Democrats hope to fast-track so they can vote for Killery in 2016. He says that the law is on their side, and that he will continue to fight for them. Why doesn’t he fight for AMERICANS? That’s what he’s supposed to be doing, but since when has he done anything he’s supposed to? He has a pen, a phone, the codes to our nukes, and little else. That’s scary stuff, folks.

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He says that illegals will make our country stronger. How does that work? Most of them are uneducated, unskilled, and don’t speak English. If there aren’t enough jobs here for American workers, where will their jobs come from? Oh, I know, we’ll just let them bleed us dry, because they’re unemployable. Who are these people? What are their backgrounds? What security threats do they pose? Some governments in South America are sympathetic to Middle Eastern terrorist groups. So, they just scurry across the border with the rest of the criminals. Some of the illegals at the border have been from China, India, Pakistan, and more recently, DHS has transported busloads of Somalis from the border. Since when were these countries to our south?

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I'm a mother, student, and patriot writing to inform citizens about important issues of the day. My particular areas of interest are: politics, crime, terrorism, and national security.

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