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What’s Going On? Rio Stops U.S. Swimmers From Going Home Because of Lochte

Members of the US men’s Olympic swim team, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, we’re not allowed to leave Brazil until they provided testimony about one of their teammates, Ryan Lochte, claiming to have been robbed. The swimmers were removed from the plane as they attempted to return to the states.

It probably would have been easier to interview Lochte, but he is already back in the US. Here is Lochte giving his account of what allegedly happened.

From Yahoo News:

An attorney representing Bentz and Conger said they would not be allowed to leave Brazil until they provide testimony about an alleged robbery in which teammates Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen filed a police report saying the four swimmers were held up at gunpoint, the Associated Press reported. That alleged incident started a firestorm and further heightened security concerns, but Brazilian officials started questioning Lochte’s account of what happened in the past couple of days.

Bentz and Conger were detained at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport as they were attempting to fly home. The two originally cleared customs but were removed from their flight and prevented from leaving the country. Feigen also is in Brazil and will speak with authorities, the USOC said.

Bentz and Conger “were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on Thursday,” USOC spokesperson Patrick Sandusky said in a statement. “James Feigen is also communicating with local authorities and intends to make further statements regarding the incident on Thursday as well.”

Not sure what to believe other than to watch the interviews done with Ryan. Ryan’s body language looked calm as ever in ‘recounting’ what happened. How can you be calm after being robbed at gunpoint and with a gun pointed at your head? I mean, how can you not be traumatized by that.

Why would the robbers take the time to leave the swimmer’s credentials there? You can watch the videos of robberies and theft occurring in RIO in broad daylight. You never see the thief lounge around of any sort or engage in any discussion. This part makes no sense to me.

Then again, why would Ryan and Co. lie about this? I hope someone with power steps in to resolve this.

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