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whig2   The Republican Party and more importantly American Conservatives are at a crossroads. A few points need to be made here. The United States could never have gotten itself into the dire financial, cultural, international, educational or economic situation we are in at the hands of one political party. Recent events in the House and Senate have made it abundantly clear that there is no conservative majority represented in the US Senate. A small core of mostly freshman Senators banded together with courage and stood against a mixture of republican Progressives, country club republicans and those too timid to buck the leadership. They also stood against every democrat, establishment media pundit and political operatives. This group of mediocre center half-right folks are the same ones who gave us McCain and Romney.

Back tracking a little, the Conservative caucus in the House either a) forced Progressive Boehner’s hand on including Defund Obamacare into the Continuing Resolution or b) did it to set Ted Cruz up for failure and isolation. We will never know. At the time of this posting only 17 Senators had the intestinal fortitude to stand with Ted Cruz in voting against Cloture and the bill passed with some additional language back to the House. On cue the Senators that voted for cloture rushed to the cameras to proclaim their full throated objection to the ObamaCare bill they just voted for. This is where the problem is and it requires action

If you have never seen the Senate in action, the CSPAN coverage was probably a little silly to you. These Senators are playing a game. As with the Democrats they are counting on you to be stupid. They will vote on bills and pontificate ad nauseum when it doesn’t matter, but only 17 of forty something stand by their principles. Other than maybe McCain, Graham and Snow I can’t imagine any other republican that supports the socialist concept of the government taking over such a vast industry. This means there is a massive lack of integrity and character. The good news is Ted Cruz has assumed the number one leadership role amongst conservatives in America. I could be wrong, but I’m not in submitting that at the very least Ted Cruz is this era’s Ronald Reagan. I also believe in Divine Providence and he could very well be our George Washington. I know I’m not the only one that’s been waiting for a principled charismatic leader to appear. I can tell you, as can many of my teammates here at Team News Ninja, we have been up close and Ted Cruz oozes charisma folks. At the Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando he had a roomful of College Republicans just laying in wait like they were waiting for a rock star (which he is). If you doubt his standing, just sit back and watch the media, the establishment republicans (whigs) and all the democrats. He is loathed by all three. He is in the early stages of being treated just like Reagan, I can’t wait because he knows all this.

What to do. I don’t have a universal answer to this I think these parasite irrelevant Whigs need to be picked off one by one. The real key is finding principled conservative leaders with the fire to do what needs to be done. It’s tough because most of us are just trying to make a living and take care of our families. I believe in America and think more Allen Wests and other conservative powerhouses will emerge before 2014. Just a note here as I watch Chuck Schumer on the television, how can you democrats live with yourselves after subjecting our country to the vermin like lying scum you elect over and over. I want to leave you with what I was going to write about at first, but that’s how I roll. I want everyone to remember why we are in this CR crises. It is being swept under the rug that the federal government has been covertly spending our money for fives years illegally. Harry Reid’s senate has not passed or even debated a budget. Let that sink in. Think of all of the scrutiny over previous budgets. This is quite possibly the crime of the century. Good Day.

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