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WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE? 4 Killed, 22 Injured In Chicago Weekend Shootings

Where are President Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? It appears they’re nowhere to be seen near Chicago. Once again, the city has seen another tragedy of gun shootings over the weekend, with 4 killed and 22 reportedly injured since Friday.

One of the 4 deaths included 21 year old James Jones, who guarded his 46 year old mother from a gunman. The mother survived but is undergoing surgery. Even though it appears she will survive, it is a very sad situation in which no mother or father should ever have to bury their own child.

The other three who died were aged 18, 25, and 27, all having their lives taken away at such young ages. Not all the victims were as young. Some others include a 45 year old woman, who was simply sitting on her front porch with friends early Sunday morning.


So the question needs to be asked again: Where are the same leaders that have condemned gun violence? Chicago is Obama’s hometown, so there is no reason for him not to mention this. Don’t ALL lives matter to them? It is a shame these same leaders continue to cherry pick some cases more than others.

Obama has also made another recent call for more gun control in response to Charleston. Well how is that working out? Once again Chicago has some of the most strict gun control regulations in the nation, but that did not prevent these 4 killings and 22 injuries. All lives matter, not just some, and these leaders need to remember that.

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