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White House: After giving Obama heat for seven years, would be ironic to nominate Cruz (not born in U.S.)

That didn’t take long.

Liberals will make this a campaign issue, and it won’t be pretty.

Here are the facts. Cruz supporters can bring the noise all they wish, but until Ted puts this thing to bed it’s going to be a millstone around the next of Cruz, especially if he is nominated. Many of Cruz supporters say this thing is put to bed, and there’s nothing to the allegations.

Watching Josh Earnest in this video showed me one thing, they are confident from their end on how they would attack Cruz, and they are doing it from a pretty huge microphone.

“It would be quite ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president’s birth certificate, if Republican primary voters were to choose Sen. Cruz as their nominee, somebody who actually wasn’t born in the United Sates and who only eight months ago renounced his Canadian citizenship,” Earnest said during his daily press briefing.

Check out the video and watch Earnest body language:

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

What do you think of this video and how Earnest looked comfortable in speaking about Cruz’s eligibility. He didn’t waver or back down from the question. It almost looked like he was glad to be able to speak on the issue.

What are your thoughts? Share your comments with us.

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