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Obama’s White House unveils new Climate Change Website

Obama’s war on coal and energy continues to this day, preaching on the so-called effects of humans damaging the earth, as Obama is preparing to set more regulations on limitations of coal-fired plant emissions. To once again illustrate the man-made climate change movement, Obama unveiled a new website on Wednesday at The masterminds behind the move are Obama’s counselor, John D. Podesta, and White House senior advisor John P. Holdren. Some of the new features for the site consist of:

1)      Increasing usage of climate change data nationwide

2)      Launching a design competition to describe increases in coastal flooding

3)      Utilizing new  map data to illustrate high-risk areas of climate change

Podesta claimed that “this begins to make clearer what the risks are of inaction.” However, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity didn’t view the news with optimism. The spokeswoman, Laura Sheehan, said “even as millions of Americans experience continued economic plight, the White House is expending enormous resources, including billions of taxpayer dollars, on the president’s pet project: ‘climate change preparedness’. The administration’s new climate change Web site will further bolster its fear-inducing vision of the future, which sounds more and more like a scene out of a Hollywood movie.” Plus, despite Obama’s continuing plea to combat climate change, a Pew poll from January had Americans ranking the issue 19th out of a list of 20 issues for Congress and the president to deal with.

It’s a new website, but in all honesty, the talking points are nothing new. The same fear tactics of all the weather phenomena caused by humans are presented. We also need to make one thing clear. Being good stewards of the earth by taking care of it and the man-made climate change movement are mutually exclusive. In other words, they have nothing in common. Taking care of the earth is good and just, while the climate-change propaganda we hear about has nothing to do with protecting the environment. It is purely political to get more money, grow the size of government, and attack free market capitalism. This is mind boggling how so many liberals can’t seem to differentiate the two. We can never overlook this topic, because if the federal government is arrogant enough to think they can control something as natural as Mother Nature, then they think they can control everything.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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