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White privilege conference: White people were invented in 1681, racism invented in colonial America

wpclogoIn March, progressives across the country flocked to a white privilege conference held in Madison, Wisconsin, to learn more propaganda they can use to indoctrinate our children.  On Tuesday, Progressives Today posted the first of a four-part video series highlighting some of the craziness that came out of that conference.

Here are just some of the highlights, according to Progressives Today:

  • White people were invented in 1681.
  • Racism was invented in Colonial America by White Capitalists as a tool to divide labor and keep the working class in their place.
  • Individualism is a White construct.
  • Islamic societies have historically protected Jews from White Christians.

The conference was billed as a private gathering, but Progressives Today said tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent promoting this politically-correct madness.

So how did the conference conclude that white people were invented in 1681?

That claim came from a keynote speech given by Saint Xavier University sociology professor Jacqueline Battalora, who cited a law passed in 1681 that prohibited marriage between white British women and Negro slaves.

“This law,” she said, “equals the invention of the human category White.”

A lot of other craziness came out of the conference.

For example, speakers claimed Islamic societies have historically protected Jews from white Christians.

And it gets better — or worse, depending on one’s point of view.

Speakers called for replacing America’s capitalist system with socialism, arguing that blacks will never advance in a free market economy. They also seek to either reduce or eliminate the influence of Christianity, Progressives Today added, claiming that it is simply a tool to oppress blacks and others.

“It’s very similar to how we might define racism or sexism or other systems of oppression,” one speaker said of Christianity.

Kim Radersma, a former high school English teacher and current activist who spoke at the convention, for example, told attendees that teaching is a purely political act. Those who choose to remain politically neutral, she added in no uncertain terms, should get out of teaching.

“Teaching is a political act, and you can’t choose to be neutral,” Radersma said. “You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it. And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn.”

Those who do not confront the system, she added, are promoting white supremacy. According to the Daily Caller, attendees paid over $400 to hear her speak.

“She also articulated the view that black students were better off being taught by black teachers, since white people have little to offer them,” the Daily Caller added. Additionally, she claimed that only women can teach feminism. Radersma, Robby Soave reported, is white, as were the vast majority of the participants.

The conference even claimed that white people giving charitable donations to blacks is racist. One white attendee claimed that after donating to a disadvantaged minority family, her family realized they were engaging in racism.

“It’s that savior mentality… ‘we need to think of them and give them our sympathy and our charity and our generosity,’ which is so demeaning to the people on the receiving end,” Radersma explained. “It’s so demoralizing and disempowering to be receiving it.”

Keep in mind these are the type of people who claim they can see racism in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The video posted by Progressives Today can be seen below:

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