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Who will free us like in Operation Jericho: Languages of Militarization and Federalization

This month, Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force News magazine, celebrates the daring role of Operation Jericho by its valiant air force personnel during WWII.

Mosquito aircrafts were dispatched despite bad weather in order to breach walls of a Nazi prison allowing French resistance to escape. Compromised British Intelligence officers were amongst the prisoners urging accordingly. On their return home, several pilots were shot down by the Luftwaffe, while many of those escaping were killed. These are the histories of bravery clashing with ideologies the like of Hitler.

Nowadays “liberation theologies” competing for recognition against historical record for political clout are just as ideological. The song 99 Red Balloons eulogizing on Cold War paranoia of a launch from East Germany red balloons carrying nukes to be detonated over Europe are such bizarre flamboyant retorts against present Western claims of past bravery for freedom.

I remember being puzzled by an officer’s speech when deployed on Memorial Day, speaking of LBJ’s Great society. I was befuddled as to whether this was what our soldiers volunteered and died for – a war on poverty extended to Afghanistan, forcing to enlist all. We mostly remember the Fallen for volunteering for America, not forcing Americans to enlist in socialism.

Today imaginative rhetoric throughout celebrates militaries deploying in order to “free” free societies into the fold of socialist incarceration. These refrains for full enlistment of Baltimore into a “Federal” police state are advocated.

How “brave” are our contemporary youths “fighting” to force people into a draft for socialist programs through jazzy rap music – all the while chanting against military volunteers who force no one to do such, stomping on their sacred and holy flag freely chosen.

Soldiers in WWII did not specifically wish “Common Core” military life. They liked music and fun, but not being forced Clockwork Orange style. Leaders like DOJ’s Holder admit getting a rise seeing people obeying in fear. Tell us what Memorial Day means, because some speeches out there deviate from the meaning.

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