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Whoa! #DisarmNYPD hate group burns American flag but they didn’t expect this

#DisarmNYPD, a new hate group, made good on a plan to burn at least one American flag during a protest in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night.

The group wrote on Facebook that both the Confederate and American flags are “symbols of oppression,” arguing that the Confederacy only lasted four years, but that the United States of America upheld Jim Crow, segregation and expansion of the prison industrial complex.

#DisarmNYPD wrote:

We find it a sign of the times that people can care so much about a piece of cloth, while at the same time be so quiet about black churches being burned all over the country. Perhaps this is the great difference between us and the so-called “patriots”. While they express their loyalty to symbols, we express our loyalty to the lives of the oppressed.

We do not believe the ideals of America are anything to be revered. We are building something that will be much better than America. While the so-called patriots yell that we should just leave, we instead choose to dream. We dream of what real freedom looks like: freedom from paramilitaries occupying our communities, beating and killing our sons and daughters; freedom from our communities being destroyed by the speculative capital of gentrification; freedom from mass surveillance; and freedom from systemic racism.

flag (2)
But dozens of opponents of the protest stepped in and prompted the protesters to scatter.

The group Disarm NYPD announced that it would burn both American and Confederate flags at the protest, and called them both objectionable symbols.

“We maintain, unwaveringly, that both the Confederate flag, and the American flag are symbols of oppression,” the group said.

To put it bluntly, the flag burners are anti-American liberal hipster idiots. Why don’t they crawl back to their holes? Why not burn a rainbow flag, or an ISIS flag, or a white flag instead? They would make as much sense as burning an American flag for a B.S. reason of being against racism and the police.
These flag burning cowards should be deported. These people sound like they just need somethng and some one to be angry at. Don’t like your neighborhood, fix it. Don’t like schools, fix them……do something real not just burn a flag to show mommy you are angry and having a tantrum.

Symbolism doesn’t feed or house anyone!!! These cowards should be sent to serve in the military. They were just looking for attention.

What do you think about these punks? Are they cowards? What would you have done? Add your comments below and share this on twitter and facebook.

H/T – NYDailyNews (pics),


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