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Whoa! Hungarian camerawoman fired for trying to trip refugees while reporting on migration!

This Hungary camerawoman was caught on video tripping a refugee carrying a child. They say reporters shouldn’t try to make themselves part of the story, but perhaps someone should have told the camera crews.

A woman trips some people trying to escape and everyone is outraged. Yet, nobody seems the least bit upset that it was acts committed by Hillary Clinton while Secty of State that created the problem. No one seems the least bit concerned that in the early days of ISIS, John McCain twice met with the leader to arrange funding and weapons.

She demonstrated absolutely unacceptable unprofessional behavior! That said, she’s defending her country from invaders. The Danes did it yesterday, too – beat them all the way to Sweden

We don’t condone her actions but we understand.

Before you give me your thoughts, put yourself in the camerawoman’s shoes and country. Now add your unbiased comment below. If you agree with the firing we understand, we just want your unbiased opinion. 

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