WHOA! Ivana Trump speaks out against Daily Beast allegations: “Rape story is totally without merit”

On Monday, the Daily Beast ran a story with allegations Donald Trump had raped his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, the bombastic billionaire’s former spouse played down the controversy — and endorsed his presidential run — saying that the two are still “the best of friends.”

“I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit,” Ivana Trump told CNN, referring to a Daily Beast report published Monday night in which Michael Cohen, a lawyer for the Republican candidate, defended his boss from a decades-old allegation that he once forced himself on his ex-wife.

“Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign,” she said.

These allegations were brought forward by a little kid staffer on the Daily Beast, a rag with as much credibility as Rolling Stone.  This was over 30 years ago during a very heated DIVORCE proceeding during which LAWYERS will say and do anything.

Once again, while the media seeks desperately to find something, anything to take Trump down, the very person who reportedly made the charge comes out and is his biggest defender.  The more you idiots in the liberal media attack him, the higher his numbers go. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.

Their desperation is showing. Perhaps more should seriously consider Trump now. Compared to the last 10 Presidents, this Guy is a Giant.

H/T – Inquistor

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