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WHOA! Levin: Conservatives who say they’ll vote for Hillary over Trump are frauds, not constitutionalists

I have been speaking out against Mark Levin as he has been one-sided for the last few months serving Sen. Ted Cruz more than calling the presidential race down the middle. I know Levin endorsed Cruz a couple of weeks ago, and that didn’t bother me as it was right on par but this audio from his daily show has me clapping my hands over the way he explained beating the Democrats.

When Levin addressed non-Trump supporters this way, my jaw hit the floor! Click to Tweet
We must defeat the liberal agenda whoever holds the banner, liberals or moderate Republicans. I understand supporting your candidate too but what has happened over this election is straight up anarchy within the conservative movement. Supporters are attacking supporters for who they like and separating themselves like petulant children, well now, I am going off on a rant.

When Levin addressed non-Trump supporters this way, my jaw hit the floor!

From Youtube:

If you believe Hillary Clinton is virtually as off her rocker, left-wing socialist as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), if you believe that Hillary Clinton is in part responsible for the rise of ISIS and for what took care of Benghazi and what’s taking place in Libya and that [Vladimir] Putin is on the move and that China is on the move and all the rest of it, then how the hell – how the hell could you take any steps – passively or affirmatively that would put that woman in the Oval Office?

How could you do it under these circumstances as bad as the Republican may be, how could you stay home and allow that? Or worse, how could you vote for that? That’s a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. So you duke it out in the Republican primary process. You duke it out Republican convention. You insist that rules are rules and the rules be followed. And you call them out if they try to change them. And you fight like hell. But you do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Or you don’t not stay home. ‘Wah, my candidate isn’t nominated,’ and let the left elect their favorite candidate. Not in this election. That’s my view.

Listen to Levin’s message (below) and tell me if you agree with it.

You have to admit he hit some points here but do you think it will resonate with Cruz supporters? Share your opinions (below) and let me know if you thought this was a great message or a pipedream.

h/t – YouTube

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