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Whoa! Pelosi: Iranians could do bad things with $150B from Obama deal but it’s their money, not American money

Barack Obama and Democrats claim law-abiding Americans should not be able to have guns on the off chance that something bad may happen. But a lawless terroristic regime with a mandate to destroy ‘Great Satan and little Satan’ and a terror network should have access to resources and weapons, even though something bad may happen.

House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a response to CNN Chris Cuomo that will leave you thinking she is incoherent or mentally just losing it!

If I heard her well and I listened to the video a couple of times, the money ($150B) the Obama administration is releasing to Iran is their money so whatever they do with their money is their business. What a maroon! This lady has lost it!

From CNN:

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: Another headline we do hear is that the implementation of the Iran plan, the monitoring of its nuclear activity will begin as soon as this weekend. If that’s true. how does it begin.

REP. NANCY PELOSI: We’re very proud of what it is. I think it’s important for the American people to realize though that the money being released is Iranian money held in banks. Iranian money in other banks, not in U.S. banks. So it isn’t about us giving them anything. It is about them having access to their own money if they meet the terms of the agreement. And we have to be very vigilant to make sure they do.

CUOMO: People hear the number $150 billion. They don’t care anymore where it’s coming from and whose bank it is at at. They say you are giving fuel to the Iranian fire. Fair criticism?

PELOSI: It’s their money and sanctions were there for a reason.

CUOMO: They do bad things with their money.

PELOSI: They may. And they have lots of needs in their own economy that they’ll have to invest in. They have been doing bad things with the money that they had. But the fact is the biggest threat to all of us is that Iran would have a nuclear weapon. We have taken them off that course. How much is that worth? Of their own money?

Check out the video:

Can you believe she continues to be a leader in the party? What is she eating, paint chips? Share your comments below and tell us how you feel about this decision to give Iran back their money to help destroy America.

h/t – CNN

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