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WHOA! Surveillance court rules N.S.A. can resume bulk data collection; blames Congress

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled late Monday that the National Security Agency may temporarily resume its once-secret program that systematically collects records of Americans’ domestic phone calls in bulk.

According to the New York Times:

In his ruling, Judge Mosman said that because Congress knew how the surveillance court was interpreting Section 215 when it passed the Freedom Act, lawmakers implicitly authorized bulk collection to resume for the transition period.

“Congress could have prohibited bulk data collection” effective immediately, he wrote. “Instead, after lengthy public debate, and with crystal-clear knowledge of the fact of ongoing bulk collection of call detail records,” it chose to allow a 180-day transitional period during which such collection could continue, he wrote.

Well that’s good then. For awhile there, it appeared as if only Foreign Nationals were gonna be able to collect data on US Citizens.

surveillance court nsa

Now, we just need to get the NSA up to par with other Foreign Nationals capabilities. Spy cams and audio monitoring equipment in every US Citizen’s home. Well maybe not every US Citizen. Just the important ones.

I suggest illegal monitoring of all famous people to begin with. Why you ask? Can you imagine how much money you could make? That would solve the U.S. budget shortfall. 24 hr spying on Snoop Dogg, Kanye or whomever famous you would like to spy on. Heck, just think. If you caught some famous people doing something illegal you could manipulate them for profit.

Oh wait, there’s supposed to be privacy laws and privacy protections. That’s ok, just get permission from a Foreign National and it will be ok.

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