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Whoa! Texas billionaires just gave $15 million to Ted Cruz super-PAC!

A super-PAC that supports Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has received a $15 million donation from two Texas brothers, according to CNN.

Billionaire brothers Farris and Dan Wilks donated $15 million of the total $38 million that the Keep the Promise super-PAC will disclose in election filings next week. The siblings sold the fracking company Frac Tech in 2011 for $3.5 billion.

Farris Wilks explained their support for Cruz in a statement to CNN.

“Our country was founded on the idea that our rights come from the Creator, not the government. I’m afraid we’re losing that,” Wilks said.

“Unless we elect a principled conservative leader ready to stand up for our values, we’ll look back on what once was the land of opportunity and pass on a less prosperous nation to our children and grandchildren. That’s why we need Ted Cruz,” he continued.

“We need a true leader in Washington,” Dan Wilks added to CNN. “A leader that will stand up for biblical morals. We need a leader who is proud of America, not one who apologizes for us.”

Like they say in the country where I was raised…that’s a huge chunk of cheese right there. So what do you think of this? Cruz is polling in the single-digits at this point. Will this early influx help push him in the double-digits?

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