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Whoa! This IMAM agrees with Trump’s temporary ban on Muslims!

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Obama’s Syrian Refugee program ban:

“This has nothing to do with religion, it’s about safety.”

Imam Director Of Islamic Center agrees!

from Fox News:

Imam Nidal Alsayyed, religious director of the Islamic Society of Triplex in Houston, Texas, told Sean Hannity that Trump is concerned about Muslims and Islam being associated with radical terror groups.

Alsayyed said it’s a “very wise move” to take safety and security measures, including putting a temporary hold on Muslim immigration, until we have figured out what’s going on.

He explained that many Muslims don’t understand what it takes to live in Western countries, such as not following Sharia law.

“The issue is a matter of different backgrounds, from different places,” Alsayyed said.

VIDEO: Muslim community leader supports Trump’s proposed temporary  ban

This was a shock to watch but it makes sense. The woman in the interview really lost me when she defended Sharia Law. What do you think about this interview?

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