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Whoa! Watchdog group EXPOSES Texas voting irregularities: 8 counties with more voters than residents!

Now how did they get there?

Thank God for True The Vote for catching this. Democrats have been trying to win Texas by any means necessary and with this great find, more eyes will be on them as the election season starts to ramp up for 2016.

President and founder of the election integrity group True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht testified in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs in 2014 about the IRS targeting of her group and her personal business.

Englebrecht and her group, True the Vote are threatening legal action of their voter rolls aren’t purged! We salute the work she is doing and support her efforts 100%.


FOX NEWS – No law prevents localities from having more registered voters than voting-age residents, and eight Texas counties do.

Now a vote-watch group accuses the counties of violating the National Voting Rights Act by failing to purge dead and ineligible voters.

“We are deeply concerned (that) voter rolls contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters,” True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht stated in a letter to the eight Texas counties.

The counties — Loving, Brooks, McMullen, Roberts, Irion, Jim Hogg, Culberson and Polk — list a combined 52,298 registered voters. But the latest U.S. Census data show only 49,457 voting-age residents in those counties.

County officials told they are reviewing their voter lists in response to TTV’s threat of legal action.

Mary Slavin, deputy clerk of rural Roberts County, said she was perplexed by the findings. “We’re a small county. When someone dies, I know it as quick as the family knows, and remove that person (from the voter rolls) as soon as I can,” she said.

TTV spokesman Logan Churchwell said some of the bloating of voter rolls could be due to simple clerical errors. “Duplicate registrations occur when there are slight differences in names — such as ‘McDougle’ versus ‘Mc Dougle,’” he noted.

Do you think the Democrats were planning to try to steal the state? Let us know what you think in our comment section below!


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