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Whoopi and Joy try to rattle conservative co-host on Planned Parenthood; No success!

Liberal talk show The View continued their descent into chaos this week as it was revealed that host Whoopi Goldberg has been throwing temper tantrums backstage about her cohosts.

According to Daily Mail, Whoopi has been targeting conservative co-host Paula Faris, who she thinks talks about her Christian beliefs too much.

The View's Paula Faris stands up to bully tactics of Whoopi and Joy Behar Click to Tweet

“She is no fan of Paula. Whoopi thinks Paula only really talks on the panel when she is shilling her conservative Christian beliefs,” an insider revealed. “She hates how ABC is allowing Paula to use The View to leverage network interviews with people like Kim Davis.”

“It all reminds Whoopi too much of Barbara Walters, who she despised by the time ABC made Barbara retire,” the source added.

The insider went on to reveal that Whoopi has nicknamed Paula “Sister Silence,” a clear dig at Christian nuns. The tension between Whoopi, Joy Behar and Paula came out on air earlier this week when they were discussing the Planned Parenthood and both Joy and Whoopi ganged up on Paula.

But Paula straightened them out real quick! See the awkward moment in the video below.

Clearly, Whoopi and Joy’s diva behavior is going way too far. It’s sickening that she’s attacking a coworker simply for being a conservative Christia and believing in her convictions.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

h/t – Daily Mail

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