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Why Are You Wasting Your Time With the Left?

Virtually all of us have friends and loved ones that are avowed leftists. It’d be near impossible not to. However, here’s a hard pill to swallow, and yet it’s time to take the medicine. At this point in the world, and truthfully for some time now, those that consciously associate themselves with leftist and progressive ideology may be born or naturalized United States citizens. But they are not your countrymen.

When everything that was happening surrounding Indiana and pizza had everyone talking about bigotry vs. religious freedom, the gay mafia and double standards, the overwhelming theme running across all of it was unmasked and unbridled hate. The senseless vitriol has been running pretty steadily and ever-increasing for quite some time now, but these events really turned the spigot up full blast.

Mind you, we’re not simply talking about powerful political figures, prominent media personalities or reality-proof bubble encased celebrities spouting off. This is about the teeming legions around the nation who have made it abundantly clear that due to slights, real or imagined, they are filled with nothing but contempt and disgust for all who are not philosophically aligned with them. People you work with. People in your own family. People you do or you did call friend. Your neighbors, your colleagues, the total strangers at the next table over, have expressed their commitment to ending you.

It’s not an idea bounced around Ivy league faculty lounges anymore. Everyday people no longer believe in your fundamental rights, because they’re impeding progress. The only reason humanity isn’t communally holding hands right now is you.

Some might remember a couple of years back a man named Nigel Barber was in the news when he released a book stating that atheism will be the dominate belief system by 2041. Though it’s not an original or previously unknown idea in secular circles, there is nothing inherently flawed in his research or logic, at least nothing that wouldn’t constitute its own piece, and he might be surprised to learn most Christians who actually believe the Bible would agree with him. But that isn’t the point here. The point is that his contempt of the predicted minority is apparent right in the subtitle.

One of our most important rights is the free exercise of religion. The question is, how much do you trust someone who subscribes to this concept with custody of that right?

Do you support an individual’s right to decide for themselves their own religious beliefs, even if they arrive at a conclusion you disagree with?

Yes, of course. (eyes shifting back and forth)

Do you maintain said support when you perceive a conflict with another cause that you agree with personally?



Well, when two philosophies come into conflict with each other and a reasonable compromise isn’t feasible, one side has to give. And religion is going to disappear eventually anyway…

This is merely one example, but it portrays the rationalization that gradually erodes away at your neighbors. It can be so hard sometimes to maintain sight of a crucial element to the American experiment’s philosophy, to enthusiastically support the expression of opinions you don’t agree with, and that is a pillar progressivism has chipped away at for a long time.

It has now become twisted around on itself. Many citizens who live and work around you have been convinced to varying degrees that suppression of dissent is their “patriotic” duty. The meaning of being a good citizen went from the succinct prescriptions of the Bill of Rights to the ambiguous goal simply labeled as progress.

This isn’t about Obama, the Clintons, or Pelosi and Reid. It isn’t about George Soros, the New York Times, or MSNBC. This is about the social justice warriors who patrol Twitter and comment sections. It’s about Gary who lives two houses down and works for SEIU. Have you been so focused on the generals and lieutenants on the other side of the culture wars that you forgot about the ground troops that you will actually engage?

On top of all that, here’s the real rub. We shouldn’t try to change them. We should instead focus on preventing them from affecting us.

I mean, come on everyone! Leftism is a degenerate, degenerative, and dangerous mental illness. You cannot subscribe to it and not be a sufferer. It’s a disorder that corrupts good ideas until they become cancerous. In the mind of the afflicted rights transform into entitlements, free speech into political correctness, and the pursuit of opportunity into the pursuit of ill-defined equality. We need an ideological quarantine.

When the question of how to stop this train is posed, the only correct answer is, “You can’t. The only option remaining is to jump off this train.”

What? Are you going to reverse a century of progressive infection with a single election? What good will that do? Then what? What happens when your white knight repubs nominate another establishment pick? Even if that doesn’t happen, what about the media? They’re not going to do a 180 anytime soon. How about 90+% of college professors? Think that is going to change in your lifetime?

While we’re on the subject, do you have children in college or saving up to send them one day? Who exactly is going to receive your tens of thousands of dollars? Chances are it’s an Alinskyite factory, simultaneously gouging you while being subsidized by your tax dollars, and using your money to “educate” your children about how evil you are. Will your children be amongst the CPAC Campus Reform types? Congratulations, they’ll be among the depressingly small minority.

The problem has become so burrowed into the political structure it is thoroughly beyond our representatives and, therefore, us. Just recently the Senate only narrowly avoided putting the Second Amendment at the mercy of the U.N. But even so the majority of the nation’s actual governing authority is now entrenched in bureaucratic suits (or pantsuits) that never face the scrutiny of an election and probes into their conduct can easily be stalled out well past the news cycle.

The reality is a complicit media, a proselytizing education system, a 70,000 page tax code, and literally countless laws and regulations. It’s to the point that every time you recite the line from the national anthem, “…for the land of the free…”, you’re lying. To yourself and everyone else in earshot.

These things aren’t being said to discourage but rather to make one come to terms with the reality of the challenges that we face. Do you have genuine solutions to these problems, or do you have platitudes? Be honest. We need to be honest about where we really are and realistic about our options.

I genuinely like Dan Bongino. There isn’t much not to like. But recently I was dismayed listening to him when he was filling in on the Chris Plante Show. He was discussing people who just want to “give up”. It bothers me because I think it isn’t framing the issue correctly, because we’re foolishly clinging to the wrong hope. There’s a very important distinction that needs to be made between giving up and recognizing a lost cause.

Mr. Bongino is a very likable, very strong candidate for the House. And in two elections now he just hasn’t quite been able to turn it around in blue Maryland. But last time he was sooo close. Next time. Ok. Again, then what? Elections alone solve nothing, and mean less now than ever before. It’s not a slight against him. It’s an honest assessment of our situation.

Regardless of how far we’ve fallen in six years (and before), many of your family, friends, and neighbors are firm converts to progressivism that will gleefully support policies that marginalize you out of the picture. If a runaway train is the analogy, then we’re trying to debate and convince the person at the controls while they’re jamming the throttle forward, laughing maniacally, and trying to handcuff your wrist to theirs.

We can’t rescue them from this, they don’t want to be rescued. We can’t convince them, can’t debate them on a level field, and their agenda must be advanced at all costs and isn’t voluntary. As much as it might pain us to watch our loved ones commit suicide, continuing as we are isn’t pulling them out of their suicide pact so much as joining them in it.
If we really are lovers of individual liberty, we have no right to stand in the way of their crusade for total serfdom. But we have every right to wall ourselves off from it as much as possible and repel incursions.

It’s not being pessimistic about the future of America. But don’t confuse optimism for America’s future with believing the lines on the map will always be the same. It’s as detrimental as mistaking United States citizens for Americans.

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Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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