Why did the Democrats purposely destroy the family unit in the African American community?

The Democrats created the nanny state where women are rewarded with more welfare money with every child they have as long as the father isn’t living with the mother. Kids grow up without a positive male role model, drop out of school, get into trouble, end up dead or in prison and some see the welfare state as their only option and the cycle starts all over again. This has destroyed the family unit in the African American community.

My question is Why did the Democrats purposely destroy the family unit in the African American community?

One way to answer that question would be it is essential to Democrats to have as many people as possible dependent on government. What they have done to achieve this is disgraceful and almost genocidal–using taxpayer money to promote illegitimacy, broken homes and generational dependency–all so they can have dependable voters on election day.

The Democrat Party has probably done more long-term harm to the black community than the KKK ever did, even though they had a strong hand in creating that also.

Votes,,,,,it is all about the votes,,,,,See congressional democrats want as many people on welfare as possible. Because we all know everyone getting a government paycheck votes for democrats.

Food Stamp Recipients Up 28% in 2009

Boost in Welfare Rolls Sees New Voters

Welfare Check and Voting Card

Most People Ever Receiving Government Assistance

But whatever, it has done so much damage to the black household and not only blacks.  The safety net went from a temporary ” hand up” to a permanent ” hand out”.


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