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Why Does The Left Hate Ben Carson?

What is it with the left anyway? Why when there are women or minorities running for president on the Republican side do Liberals try their best to tear them down? Politicians understand attacks like these are par for the course. But, why is there such a huge difference between the right and left on gender and ethnicity?


Dr. Ben Carson is getting his chance to see firsthand what these attacks are like. I think Dr. Carson brings common sense and unique views to the political arena. He brings an outsider’s perspective that I think is sorely missing in American politics today. His message is what America is craving, a person with humble beginnings who is successful and has a vision for the future.

Democrats for years have been telling us that their party is the champion of the little guy, and the purveyor of rights for those denied them by evil Republicans. America has been told that if you are a woman or a minority, the only place your voice can be heard is within the Democratic Party. So you would think that Dr. Carson would be met with rejoicing instead of pointy headed Liberals who make unflattering comments about him….not so.


Michelle Bernard on MSNBC said Carson has “drank the GOP Kool-Aid” because he likened Obamacare to slavery. Well Ms. Bernard who better to speak about the ills of Obamacare than one of the nation’s leading neurosurgeons? Chris “the tingle down my leg” Mathews even stated it sounded like Dr. Carson had “banged his head”. Really Chris? Did you hear Obama say there was “Not even a smidgen of corruption” at the IRS? A statement he has backed away from, meaning even presidents make mistakes.


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