Why Gun Control Efforts Should be Resisted at Every Turn

Aside from the obvious reasons to resist gun control efforts – that the second amendment itself states it “shall not be infringed” – there are other, just as obvious reasons why gun control efforts by our government should be peacefully and legally resisted.

Gun control only hurts law-abiding citizens. Never will any additional laws, policies, or practices designed to place more controls on gun ownership do anything to curtail the ability of criminals and crazies from obtaining weapons. Criminals – people who have criminal records and who have already spent time in jail for crimes they’ve committed cannot, under most circumstances, legally purchase firearms. They know this and most will not even try to legally purchase them. Why should they go through the hassle when there is always someone willing to sell them a gun illegally?

If buying a gun illegally does not work, guns can always be stolen. However, there is far more risk going that route. With so many guns illegally coming into America from Mexico, there isn’t too much of a need to steal guns, though that still remains an option for some.

Not long ago, in a neighborhood not far from mine, a home was broken into during the day. The resultant investigation revealed that the intruder went through the home, probably looking for valuables to sell quickly on the street. In the process, he stopped, ate some ice cream from the homeowner’s freezer and also found a hidden gun, which he took.

Most of the time, criminals who rob homes and cars are not looking for guns. They want something else and they simply happen to come across a gun so they take that as well. It’s still much easier to buy a gun on the black market.

Now, let’s examine a few things that currently exist in society. We know it is already illegal to break into someone else’s home or car. Beyond this, it is illegal to remove items from that car or home that belong to someone else. It’s illegal, but people do it.

Most of the time they do it to pay for their drug habit. However, there are gangs of thieves who specialize in robbing homes especially for the things of value (TVs, stereos, computer accessories, jewelry, and much more). The people involved in this type of illegal business support themselves and their families by doing this. If they happen to find guns, they will take those as well. But we can agree that doing this is all illegal, yet in spite of the law, people still do what is illegal. That’s because laws have no power to keep people from breaking them.

People who buy guns on the black market are also doing something illegal. However, it’s easier for them if they have the cash. They don’t need to fill out those pesky background checks. They don’t have to be fingerprinted. Cash on the table, walk out of the place of “business” with a gun. Easy as pie.

No amount of laws will eliminate the ability to buy guns on the black market. No amount of laws will keep people from breaking into homes and cars, taking what does not belong to them.

People today talk about “common sense gun laws” but in reality all they’re talking about are creating new laws that affect people who are already law-abiding citizens. Law-abiding citizens should not be the target. The criminals and the crazy person should be the target, but how can they be targeted without also targeting law-abiding citizens? It’s impossible. Anti-gunners don’t care about that because they bitterly cling to the belief that guns shouldn’t be in society though few will admit that. That’s what they ultimately want though.

When James Holmes walked into the Aurora, CO movie theater (illegally through an emergency exit), he had already broken the law. Some equipment he had was not legal for him to have (on his person or in his apartment). Beyond this, there was a policy that boldly stated that the particular theater in question was designated a “gun-free zone.” Even if you had a permit to carry concealed (because you had gone through a background check, etc.), the theater owners did not want you to bring your gun into the theater. If you were a law-abiding gun owner, you obeyed the sign and left your gun hidden in your car. You didn’t want to break any laws.

But James Holmes didn’t care about legalities. He had illegal weapons and he illegally walked into the theater and illegally opened fire on innocent individuals, murdering some. He didn’t care about the law because the law meant nothing to him. He lived outside the law, at least for that day and he wound up killing a lot of people.

No amount of laws will reduce violent crime, or crime in general. Even if there were no guns in society by law, guns would still exist because like illegal drugs, the black market would continue to exist. When Prohibition existed, did the beer, wine, and hard liquor stop flowing? Of course not. It simply went underground, controlled by the mob. Prohibition didn’t stop the flow of alcohol. It just made it a bit more difficult to obtain.

If guns were forbidden to own in society, guns would still exist. In reality, they’re not even that difficult to make although that too is illegal.

I used to feel sorry for anti-gunners who awkwardly believed that more anti-gun laws meant less gun violence. We have laws that prohibit murder, we have laws that are supposed to keep people from stealing and many other laws to boot. Yet, daily, people step passed those laws as if they did not exist.

In essence, laws provide the ability of law-enforcement agencies to arrest people and the courts to punish those arrested. Like the Mosaic law of the Bible, laws are designed to point out the trespass, but in and of themselves have no power to keep people from breaking the law. The people who do not break the law are people who are already law-abiding citizens. They don’t think of doing things illegally because their moral code speaks against it. They seek to uphold and support the rule of law.

People who break the law do so because they don’t care to obey it. Their moral code – such as it is – keeps them from feeling as though they have to obey the law and does not object when they do break the law.

Law-abiding people are so because their heart is in the right place. That’s the real issue, the issue of the heart. People murder because they hate, not because a gun is handy. If someone truly wants to murder, they will use whatever is handy to get the job done.

I keep thinking of the knife attack that occurred in China not long ago. There, 27 people died and 109 were injured. That’s a lot of people killed or injured in a knife attack. Will additional laws make a difference? No, because the people who perpetrated the attack did so because of their own ideology that allowed them and even caused them to do what they did. They believed they obeyed a higher law, which allowed them to murder at will. It’s kind of like the rationale used by Planned Parenthood. They murder babies daily but do not see it that way. Murder, to them, is not killing unborn babies and so they fight for the continued right of women to come to abortion clinics to pay someone to murder their unborn babies.

Law-abiding people in here in the United States should resist the illegal (yes, illegal) efforts of elected officials and grassroots activists to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Doing nothing is to allow defeat.

We have an obligation to be the resistance in order to uphold the existing law in this land. I’m tired of the left. Very tired. Just because they shout loudly, name-call, and fabricate things they pass off as truth does not mean they should have their way. In fact, it’s every reason why they should fail, but they will not fail unless we are willing to stand up against their tyranny.

We need to do it. May God give us a forehead of flint like He did Ezekiel, so that we will not cower when they grow louder still.

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